Solar Obstruction Light and Its Applications

Solar obstruction lights are one of the different types of obstruction lights used for marking obstructions. They are marking lights used for marking towers, communication buildings and other similar obstructions for ground as well as aerial navigation. They are primarily used for telecom towers, equipment marking, fence and barricade lighting, railway protection, power lines and more.

In terms of solar obstruction lights, Shenzhen Star Standard Electromechanical Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. is one that offers wide range designs that are ideally suited so as to withstand any demanding and harsh environments. Such solar obstruction lights can typically encountered in mining operations, oil/gas development projects and other sites for industrial development.

Solar obstruction lights are mainly used in industrial development sites for a number of reasons. The fact is that solar obstruction lights make for ideal equipment in industrial development sites since they do not need power cables. This way, installation is definitely quick and does not require for electricians as well. This makes solar obstruction lights quite an advantage for when working in areas with no power lines.

Every lighting manufacturing companies offer varying solar obstruction lights products. They have their own design and specifications to the lighting products they offer to the market. As for Shenzhen, their solar obstruction lights are designed to be low intensity and solar-powered capable of use for years operating without need for maintenance.

Their solar obstruction lights are those that are completely safe-contained and capable of incorporating large watt solar module. At the same time, they come with completely sturdy and long-lasting battery, with LED light source and driving circuitry that is follows the most advanced technology. Everything that the solar obstruction lights that Shenzhen has to offer you are designed to be of optimum capability for all your needs.

With different versions of solar obstruction lights available, you are able to choose from options that offer varying functionalities. Some are designed to provide you with rugged reliability ideal for when used in locations that are hard to access. Of course, there are also solar obstruction lights that feature high intensity and other new features.

These solar obstruction lights serve as important hazard markers that are extremely reliable for illumination from dusk till dawn. They can be configured in wide variety of configurations and offers extensive benefits due to solar technology. These solar technologies are brought to you by Shenzhen to ensure your safety as you work in industrial sites.

Since the establishment of Shenzhen Star Standard Electromechanical Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. it has always brought quality lighting products for clients to take advantage with. Apart from solar obstruction lights, they also provide lighting products including ship recognition lights, aviation obstruction lights, explosion-proof lights, airport navigation lights, high-pole lights and others.

Their products are widely used in varying purposes including in drilling platform, power and communication towers, airports, large ports, and more. They offer integral solutions designed for obstruction lights and other special lighting products as well. When it comes to high technological lighting products, they are a leading company you can trust and rely on.

Post time: Sep-11-2016


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