Discover the Use and Benefit of a Solar Obstruction Light

Back in the past, there were accidents that happened involving an aircraft that accidentally hits a mountain or a tall structure for the reason that the pilot failed to see the obstruction located somewhere in the path taken by the aircraft.  In order to resolve this kind of issue and to prevent the same incidents from happening again and again, a solar obstruction light was developed and is now giving a multitude of benefits, aside from promoting the safety of everyone. Most airline facilities are installed with these lightings and there were markings placed to areas where there is a danger.

The solar obstruction light is now gaining more and more popularity each day in the industry of aviation. It has been regarded these days as a long lasting and durable lighting solution that requires less maintenance. This lighting is simply ideal to be utilized on tall and high building and structures such as a TV tower, telecommunication tower or wind mill. The best thing to know regarding this solar powered aviation lighting is that it neither makes any electromagnetic interference nor radio frequency intrusion to the airplane.

Wider Use and Wider Reach

While the solar aviation or LED aviation lighting is installed through tall structures in order to direct the plane going to the right way in the air, still there are some other solutions which cater to similar requirement on the planet. In some other words, solar obstruction light manufacturers & suppliers are providing a wide selection of products which are utilized on the ground and these are as follows:

  • Runway and Taxiway – these pathways are typically crowded and in order to prevent collision involving any vehicle together with the plane, you can opt to different lighting tools that are currently in the market which are specifically designed for runways and taxiways. Such products are extremely useful during those dark night hours and this lighting module has been found so useful when there’s a need for repair or maintenance through the runway.
  • Helipad – secured landing is very important in the same way with safe touch down. In serving the purpose, even  during nighttime or if there is a weather disturbance, the manufacturers of solar light came up with a helipad lighting which will help a lot in increasing the helipad’s visibility as well as the navigability.

There are more other forms of these solar obstruction lights that are widely offered and sold in the market today. These lights are created for one great purpose and they are proven very useful in directing the plane to the right way and help in safe landing of the aircraft. In line with these, there are different companies that existed to offer different services that are related with solar obstruction light. These companies are promoting the safety of everyone which they do through offering their clients with high quality services such as installation, repair and maintenance of a solar obstruction light. These companies work together with airline companies and other industrial structures in order to promote fast, smooth and safe landing and flying of the aircraft.


Post time: Sep-11-2016


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